From the advent of the Ivorian crisis, the leaders of Western countries and international organizations headed by France, the UN and the international organization of la Francophonie (the OIF) pilloried the Ivorian government without seeking to understand the foundations of the Ivorian Crisis. For them it was necessary to quickly start the project of a KOSSOVO bis in Africa. That is to say, to make COTE D’IVOIRE a pan-African state with a very high rate of foreigners. Consequently, the Ivorians who are a minority in their own country could never claim their rights and oppose the systematic plundering of natural resources.

And this time the opportunity has come to implement their diabolical plan to despoil the Ivorian people of their rights. To elucidate our assertion we would like to ask ourselves some questions

I-) Why did the international community not demand disarmament before the elections?

The international community, once verbose in words, did not consider it useful to put pressure on the new forces to carry out the disarmament which favored these acts which today lead to the blocking of the electoral process. In any case, these Western powers knew that without disarmament we would arrive at a situation of deadlock in the CNW zones.

a) Why France, the UN and the others did not actually want disarmament.

1-To want disarmament is to control the process of enrollment and identification or this would prevent the swelling of the populations of the north.
2-To want disarmament is to allow the deployment of the administration.

If the defense and security forces were present everywhere in the CNW zones, the voting operations would have gone smoothly. And we would not have to witness these humiliations suffered by the representatives of LMP.

Moreover, these inhuman treatments do not even move the observers of the European Union and the UN because they have come to consecrate their colt. Not everything that happens in the north is their concern.

II) The haste of the international community to declare the electoral process democratic.

Already informed of the maneuvers of the RDR and certainly involved in their actions, the international observers in agreement with the UN wanted once again to deceive the whole world.

How to ignore the presence of other international observers and particularly those of the African Union. Common sense and good faith would have dictated that they approach the other authorities which had deployed in the CNW zones. The cross-checking of information would have given more weight and credibility to all the results of the observer missions when we know that the populations of government areas have never trusted international institutions. The proof of the bad faith of the international community.

The international organizers are full of international skills capable of analyzing all situations. Nothing can escape them if they decide to work with complete honesty and independence of mind. Unfortunately they often give the impression of being blind and not seeing anything other than what should be seen.

While everyone agrees that the participation rate in the 2nd round is low 65% to 70%, we see that the results published by the RDR are around 80% to 83% participation rate. Therefore how to take such information seriously and make it the conclusive proof of an undisputed victory for the Republicans.

All this demonstrates once again that the mess that the international community has been preparing for a long time now finds the reason for its accomplishment and execution.

III) The tendentious images of France 24 and TV5, other appendages of French and Western diplomacy in Africa

While African international organizations denounce the barbarities perpetrated on civilian populations in the north of the Ivory Coast, the French media, appendages of French colonial policy in the Ivory Coast, only have eyes for the clashes between armed civilians and law enforcement in the southern part of Côte D’Ivoire. But the deuce why don’t they also present the horrors and atrocities perpetrated on the populations close to the candidate Laurent Gbagbo? Do victims other than those of the OUATTARA clan have an interest in their eyes?

How to understand that the observers of the European Union and UNOCI minimize all the damages that we inflict on human beings who are not pro-Ouattara.

As in the 19th century when SAMORY TOURE, CHAKA ZOULOU and other great warrior defenders of Africa were considered bloodthirsty, the defenders of dignity and African conscience are also attacked. Their mistake, that of wanting the total independence of Africa and putting an end to the subjugation of our states to big world capitalism.

The intoxication campaign joined by the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) through the representatives of our illustrious President ABDOU Diouf is the confirmation of what FRANTZ FANON called and I quote: <> Otherwise how to understand that the report of the commissioners of the african union has not been the subject of any attention and would even be relegated to the Greek calendar.

Because Africans have no value in the eyes of whites and for whites these Africans would not be able to make value judgments.

In this 21st century Europe continues to insult blacks with the endorsement of other blacks that we will call stateless people because they never belonged to any African country.

As Frantz Fanon said, are Africans really the damned of the earth.

And I can only cry by referring to what the candidate Ouattara said during the television broadcasts of the first round and I site:<< it is thanks to my relations that I was able to allow Charles Dibyto be received from the Bretton Wood institutions >>

Yes, only relations with white people can give you the right to what you deserve

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