VIP dating site, executives and senior executives: highprofilesdating is positioning itself

VIP-dating-site,-executives-and-senior-executives-highprofilesdating-is-positioning-itself has just entered the premium dating site segment . It primarily targets executives, senior executives and similar categories .

This site with a very refined design is intended to be a mix of linkedin, facebook, viadéo, youtube, myspace, twitter etc… In this alone it is revolutionizing the concept of online dating. Here only user satisfaction matters. Everything is therefore implemented to satisfy its most unacknowledged desires in terms of technological needs.
It contains all the key features of the sites mentioned above. Unlike the competition, translates web 2.0 mode in all its quintessence by providing a truly user-centric architecture. Everything is done to seduce the member and retain him thanks to the possibility offered by AJAX to make the user experience truly unique.

When you ask the founder whether is going to be just another dating site for executives and senior executives? It brings us back to the many features of the site that bring real added value to this segment.
Apart from being a dating and connection site designed, designed and created for executives and senior executives, claims its ambition to be a multi-card service provider at the service of its members. To do this, its creator did not skimp on the features. There is access to a whole range of services, such as
• Classified ads to seek or offer a job, an apartment, etc.,
• Video and photo sharing,
• Selling personal items,
• Video chat,
• AJAX chat ….
• The publication of events,
• Compatibility with Skype,
• The import of contacts yahoo, gmail, msn etc….
• ……………….. …………………… …………………….

Through its top-of-the-range positioning and the multiplicity of its services, there is no doubt that will very quickly become the leader in dating sites intended for a demanding public not inclined to amateurism. Sexy, Funny and Cosy , a set of words that suits this site which plays the international card with the provision of two versions: English / French.
To find out more, we invite you to visit the website

Edwige Desmares de la Salle (Editor-in-chief Entertainment section)

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