Success of the no to minarets in Switzerland: A real story of racism tinged with bad faith


The weekend and this beginning of the week will have been greatly enhanced by a story from elsewhere. This elsewhere is not so far from France.

In reality, this remote corner populated by racists happens to be the most peaceful state in Western Europe. Here is how the bank of the world, the international pride of triumphant capitalism but also of the ill-intentioned leaders and elites of developing countries and therefore certainly of Arab monarchs, has hit the headlines.

One morning, on leaving his home, a peaceful Swiss whose life his wife had made the night before this famous morning came across a mosque with a minaret at its top. Faced with the discovery of such ignominy, the man deduces that his marital problems can only be the result of this odious object which sits enthroned in the district, dehumanizing the regional architecture and polluting the ambient air. A polluted air that has made his wife unlivable ever since.

He therefore decides to go to the local town hall to find out who could live in such a sinister place. Information taken he realized that this place was used for the prayers of the Moslems of the region. So he asked who are the Muslims? and the municipal employee tells him it’s the Arabs. Arabs oh no!!!! it’s not possible, this house must disappear from my immediate vicinity, he said aloud. What his interlocutor answered then would have to destroy several dozen in some time at the pace where things are going.

In order to protect the air of Switzerland as a whole, our two brave Swiss decided to ask their fellow citizens to vote to know whether or not the Arabs should have minarets on their place of worship. What they hadn’t foreseen was that not only did many of their people think like them, but above all that all their cousins ​​in Western Europe also shared their opinions……………. Here’s how history might have been counted if it hadn’t been for a right-wing party.

Trivialisation of racist remarks and behavior

What is happening in Switzerland reflects the opinion of many Europeans and even many Christian immigrants. When a Minister of the French Republic is guilty of racist remarks towards Arabs in front of television cameras and that he not only keeps his post but is publicly supported by the elites of the country, it would be desirable that reactions of indignation not not come from that side of the republic.

What is reprehensible in Switzerland must be all the more so in France since this country prides itself on being the country of human rights. If the Swiss people were able to vote against the generalization of minarets it is because there were intellectuals, ministers who openly trivialized anti-Muslim racism by making remarks that were more than reprehensible. The European people have learned from their elites who, down to the highest level of the states, do not hesitate to make fun of the origins of this or that Arab who will have succeeded by the mere fact of his talent.

If saying that an Arab is fine, but it’s when there are a lot of them that it poses a problem has not offended the conscience of anyone in France or that the fact that the President of the Republic openly makes fun of the origins of a well-known actor has passed unnoticed in public opinion, that people are not surprised that the masses take as gospel all these racist messages conveyed all day long and unopposed.

We are all Swiss racists!!!

What happened in Switzerland would have happened in the same proportions everywhere else in Western Europe because the elites helped by a certain press quietly and effectively prepared the minds for this kind of bullshit. Make no mistake, Switzerland is not alone, it is surrounded and even very well surrounded. We have all become racists through the fault of our elites who have done nothing to protect us from the fear of the other. This other that our ignorance tends to make responsible for all our problems. By banning minarets, the Swiss have only applied the law which states that “when there is one it is fine but it is when there are many that it poses problems ………………………… ………………. “.

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