MICHAEL JACKSON is gone: Farewell the artist your work will survive you.


michael jacksondied Thursday, June 25 shortly before midnight following two heart attacks. Indeed the Los Angeles emergency services were alerted around 12 p.m. by a call from the luxurious residence that the star rented $ 100,000 / month for the preparation for his upcoming concerts. Arriving on site 12 minutes after the phone call, the medical team found him unconscious, no longer breathing. A heart massage was immediately performed on the King of Pop before he was transferred to University Hospital Los Angeles. He tells himself that he suffered a second heart attack in the ambulance. It was therefore in a deep coma that he arrived at the hospital. At this time, all the American media are announcing one after the other the death of the man who will forever remain the GREATEST Artist of all time.

The entire editorial staff of highprofilesnews.com offers its deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

PS: In order to pay tribute to the illustrious deceased, we invite all our readers to send us poems in his honor at the following address: redaction@highprofilesnews.com. They will all be published.

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