Ivory Coast: How Alassane Ouattara wants to win the presidential election by fraud with the help of the French press


The Ivorians are awaiting the results at the end of the 2nd round of the presidential elections which were held on Sunday 28 November. Since Tuesday morning, a certain so-called international press has tended to portray the President of the Republic as someone who does not want to accept the results. Denying in fact the denial of democracy that took place in the north of the country during this election. As usual, the candidate Alassane Ouattara, actively supported by his friends in the Western press, is trying to sow confusion in the minds of Ivorians and the international community by proclaiming himself the winner of this election which he lost. Because on the basis of figures compiled since Sunday night Laurent Gbagbo comes first with more than 52% of the vote. But strangely it is Gbagbo the candidate in advance who is accused of all the sins of Israel. Why so much relentlessness on him from the Western press?

The point of contention

As announced by African international observers , there have been irregularities in the north so why should we validate figures corrupted by scheming and manipulation? The people of Côte d’Ivoire can not get out of a crisis as destructive as this for another even more devastating under the false pretext that we should let Alassane Dramane Ouattara do his attempt to undermine democracy.

The only problem today which prevents the definitive proclamation of the results comes from the attempt of the rdr to make us accept the 650.000 voters coming from the north. This fact raises several questions whose answers will help to better understand what is happening before our eyes in Côte d’Ivoire.

How is it that where Alassane obtained only 411,849 votes with more than 84% participation in the 1st round, he suddenly obtains 650,000 when the participation rate is supposed to be lower?
Why, while African observers unanimously recognize the irregular nature of the election in certain cities in the north, why would the international community want us to apply the policy of “double standards”?

Why were the elections invalidated in cities like Paris in France and Fresco in the Ivory Coast for less than that if it is to validate the extravagant figures coming from an area where the armed rebels drove out the international observers and the representatives of President GBAGBO of the polling stations when they were not quite simply molested and tied up?

So what is the European press playing by ignoring all this denial of democracy to concentrate their efforts on a total denigration of the presidential camp?

Once again by its unhealthy behavior the Western press demonstrates its manifest bias in the Ivorian crisis.

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