Ivory Coast: Gbagbo on the way to being re-elected in the 1st round


Although only the CEI is authorized to give the results, we are able to confirm a crushing victory for Gbagbo in the 10 communes of Abidjan, in Ferkessédougou, Korhogo, San Pédro, Lakota, Divo, Tabou, Vavoua, Sinématiali, Duékoué. It is indescribable at the campaign headquarters of the candidate in Attogban. The president must make a short speech to his close collaborators. We will give more information in the hours to come, but we can already say that even in the supposed strongholds of Alassane Ouattara, the President of the Republic has done more than resistance, he has sometimes won. Gbagbo arrives ahead in Korhogo with 40% of the votes cast. Everyone is waiting for the IEC before publishing the official figures which are known to the staffs of the 3 major candidates. Laurent Gbagbo’s campaign HQ in Attogban vibrates as the numbers fall. Moments of intense emotions in perspective in the hours to come.

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