Election in Côte d’Ivoire: How the French press wants to manipulate international public opinion.


In order to prepare public opinion for public order disturbances, Alassane Dramane Ouattara has activated his  French networks which are beginning to distill misleading information by homeopathic dose into the collective consciousness of all those who closely follow the situation in Côte d’ Ivory. Contrary to what newspapers such as Liberation, La Croix or L’Express claim, there can be no question of a second round Gbagbo vs dramane   Ouattara as the difference in votes between the two candidates is enormous in the lagoon area. . Indeed this zone which alone represents 33% of the electoral college offered a veritable plebiscite to the candidate of the Presidential Majority, Laurent Gbagbo. As expected Alassane Ouattara has had his fill of votes in the northern part  of the country, but these performances should be put into perspective because this whole area represents less than 15% of the electorate.

Laurent Gbagbo according to trends wins everywhere in the Lagunes region (Abidjan and its outskirts) except in Treich-Ville and Adjamé. Even Anyama fell into the hands of the presidential majority. In the north the towns of Ferkessédougou, Touba and Sinématiali voted for Gbagbo. As for the south, it is a real raid that is given to attend because from Divo 85%, to Lakota: 65% via Daloa: 51%, Gagnoa 54%, to end up in the region Attié-Abbey (Adzopé, Alépé, Akoupé, Agboville etc…) rare are the towns where Gbagbo has not won. Talking about a possible   second round between Gbagbo and Ouattara can only be an attempt to prepare national and international opinion for the troubles caused by Ouattara’s supporters in the event of the proclamation of results which would de facto eliminate their mentor from the race for the presidential chair   .  We therefore draw the attention of the community here  African and world on the shameful and fundamentally anti-democratic attitude of a certain French press (liberation, the cross, the express, the world) which wants to be the lawyer of a rdr at bay according to the figures which are available to us reassembled as the counting progresses. It is this same press that was used by Chirac in his war against Côte d’Ivoire which is now resurrected in order to promote chaos in Côte d’Ivoire. At the same time, we call on Ivorians to be extremely vigilant at all times so that the achievements of this nascent democracy are not jeopardized by the enemies of winning Africa.

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