Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

The idolized takeover of Apple by its co-founder Steve Jobs gives you goosebumps, but the number of similarities it bears with Edison is even more impressive. It was there when the personal computer (PC – Personal Computer) was born. He had his second appearance. He restored a very unhealthy society. And throughout his career, he…

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Wall Street: Man versus Automaton

A small biotech company thinks it can make trading rooms better by eliminating people. In the midst of the biggest financial crisis of this generation, a tiny biotech company called Gene Network Sciences based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, thinks it can make Wall Street smarter. How? By getting rid of the man. Their idea: Take the supercomputers Gene Network…

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How do blogs change society? is a two-year-old online community that seeks to bring attention to world issues: climate change, immigration, ethnic cleansing and so on. But this week, the organization looks set to make its biggest change. The subject: herself. The site, which despite calling itself the “change” is not affiliated with any of the US presidential candidates,…

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Google: the offensive strategy

In 1983, in an episode of the cult series “The All-Risk Agency”, George Peppard, alias Hannibal, said to Mr T. alias Barracuda: “an old adage tells us that the best offense is a good defense”. To which Mr T. replies: “You don’t have the right formula, dear friend. A good offense is the best defence.” And they gave…

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