From Below: Memo to the CEO

What CEOs need to know about employees who are on the front lines every day? The information they will never have from their close entourage. You do not know me. I am one of your employees. A face you encounter may be once a year. I am one of those people that everyone considers honorable and…

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Job prospects darken for MBA graduates

Fewer companies will hire recent MBA graduates this year, and salaries in fields such as technology, finance and manufacturing will stagnate or even decline, a new study finds. objectively, the summer of 2008 was an unfavorable period for students who had just graduated from an MBA to venture into the job market. The US Federal Reserve…

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Boost your career in difficult times

Experts recommend: focusing on helping the company, not attacking rivals, and being aware of the pressures on your manager. The recession we are heading towards promises to be brutal and long-lasting. Once layoff notices start piling up – which they certainly will – the workplace will become more and more Darwinian. At times like these,…

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