Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport: last in class according to a survey of world travelers

According to the independent Canadian travel site,, which conducts a permanent survey of its users, Roissy CDG is the worst airport in the world, ahead of Moscow, New York, Los Angeles and Delhi. The best being Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong. The best in Europe being Amsterdam, San Francisco for North America, Rio for America and…

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America’s best high schools

Here’s a state-by-state look at which US high schools have the best pass rates. Does your child already go to school there? Kimberly Lynch, a red-haired student with freckless, had a great interest in sunscreen. She was so passionate about it that she spent the last year developing a new way to test the effectiveness of…

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Luxury cars don’t sell well either

However, don’t expect Mercedes to be on the list of auto groups Washington will bail out anytime soon. DETROIT – How similar is a Porsche to a Ford? It’s simple: none of them are currently selling well. Like their counterparts in declining markets, luxury car brands are suffering. In 2008, US sales of Porsche-branded vehicles (Nasdaq OTC…

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BMW 135i: high performance, low price

The budget-friendly 135i is the perfect BMW for those on a budget: fast, fun and affordable. In the midst of the financial crisis, an expensive BMW is the last purchase most consumers would consider, even for those who have always dreamed of owning a “Bimmer”. BMW’s timing was perfect last spring when the German firm introduced…

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A new era of frugality

In a shady alley in New Hope, Pennsylvania, a silent revolution in American culture may be taking shape. There, a family of four lives in a white Colonial-style building, in a way that until recently would have been considered quintessentially American but recently has come to be seen as odd: they live frugally. We present to…

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Finally a hybrid mercedes

With German automakers claiming to be leaders in new technologies, it becomes embarrassing that about a decade after the release of the Toyota Prius, none of them feature a hybrid-electric engine. But with energy savings and environmental impact suddenly becoming key issues for wealthy buyers, Daimler is finally about to enter this field. In June 2009,…

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Nigeria organizes “HIV marriages”

A region in northern Nigeria trains HIV-positive couples for marriage, in an attempt to reduce the spread of the disease. But international AIDS experts have expressed fears about it. Warren Naamara of UN AIDS said two people can have different strains of the virus, which could interact. He said couples should use condoms. Around 70 pairs have…

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The Mini Cooper Clubman: fast, fun and hard to find

Demand for the Clubman, that fleeting, economical car, is so great that most buyers won’t get one until next fall. But the wait is worth it. Plus: Excellent fuel economy, sporty handling, more spacious interior Minus: Long wait before getting one, quirky interior, back seat   always cramped, Race results: The   vehicle in its class compared to the Toyota Prius. BMW’s sporty…

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