Stock markets: a decade of losses

A disastrous decade for the stock markets just ended just a month ago. Will the new decade bring good luck for investors? So many comments to express the disastrous state of the financial markets over the past ten years. Stock market investors can tell: the past decade has been the most calamitous in terms of stock market…

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European banking blues

Growing worries about the global economy are behind Europe’s banking crisis, but European investors are also unsettled by some of the troubles that have been unleashed at home. A cold wind blows from the City of London to the banks of the Main River in Frankfurt…and it has nothing to do with winter. Indeed, the…

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Citigroup in turmoil

The bank’s board meets as Wall Street debates whether CEO Pandit can withstand the pressure, or if he’ll be forced to accept a deal, or a bailout from the US government. Citigroup shares continued their incredible decline during the session on Friday, November 21, despite a general market rally, indicating that there is not much…

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Stock market: the crash and the media

Could the volume – and tone – of TV, web, and media coverage of market fluctuations actually make matters worse? Wall Street has been through crises before: The years 1907, 1929, 1970 and 1987 tested investors just as much as 2008. But this time, something is different: three cable business chains and Countless websites provide…

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