Has China become a superpower?

Has the economic crisis contributed to China’s rise or has it hindered it? And does it bring China closer to the United States? An expert on China-US relations, Professor Jing Men, looks into the matter. The 20th century was that of the United States. Will the 21st century be China’s? China is booming. Since it embarked on its reform…

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Twitter for Entrepreneurs

Twitter lets you follow and join conversations that have never been public before. For entrepreneurs, it’s a promotional tool and an opportunity to learn from the best businessmen through “fortune-cookie-size” missives and other links that can change the way you see business and simply life. But it could also be a gigantic source of information under which…

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How to boost household consumption

Consumers need to increase their purchasing power and this requires the certainty that their wages will always be paid. It is not so easy according to economists. What will it take to boost household consumption? After two months of low profits, the ministry announces that in July sales of goods and services (including catering) fell by…

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Deutsche Bank dances with Berlin

The financial crisis forced Deutsche Bank to renegotiate its takeover of Postbank and allow the state a 3% stake. Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest commercial bank, has renegotiated its previously planned takeover of retail bank Postbank in the aftermath of the financial crisis, pledging to give the German state a real stake of three percent in…

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China 2009: the trust deficit

Falling stock markets by nearly 65%, falling growth, rising unemployment… Is Beijing trying to get out of the crisis by exporting more? This is a question that has bothered economists the world over: what will happen to China’s economic growth in 2009? While some predict a slowdown in mainland China’s economic expansion to less than…

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The layoff epidemic is imminent

Economic woes lead to layoffs in some sectors, but this time layoff notices will spread everywhere. When the dot-com and housing bubbles had burst, it had been easy to see what kinds of jobs would disappear. But currently, as worried creditors cower and stop lending, virtually every sector is likely to be hit in the very next…

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