Robin Sanusi


Germany and Skilled Immigrants

Berlin will ease the immigration conditions for qualified workers, with the aim of solving the shortage of qualified workers. However, unskilled workers will face more obstacles. Germany wants more immigrants, as long as they are skilled workers. The German government is undertaking to lift certain restrictions on foreign graduates in sectors that need them. At the same time,…

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Who benefits from the subprime crisis?

As the market shakes and credits plummet, a few hedge funds are making profits by betting on a drop in the subprime index. The credit market has not been easy for people So-called small lenders are bankrupt. Shares of big lenders like New Century Financial, NovaStar Financial, and Fremont General are plummeting as their customers default…

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Merrill Lynch: How far will the impairments go?

Analysts believe that the new depreciations recorded by the broker during this second quarter could reach 6 billion dollars. They expect even more losses given its exposure to uncertain claims. Poor Merrill Lynch. Wasn’t it just three months ago that investors were buying shares of the third-largest US brokerage long before its first-quarter earnings announcement? Not this time. Since…

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Corporate social irresponsibility

Despite the PR’s stance, corporate philanthropy is at its lowest level in 25 years. To put it more seriously, corporations should pledge to donate 1% of their pre-tax profits, tell us Leo Hirley Jr. and Curt Weeden An article by Leo Hirley Jr. and Curt Weeden translated by Nathalie B When corporations abandon their broadly…

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A tougher path for emerging market equities

After five years of strong growth for the fundamental markets, they have gradually deteriorated. The benefits were then reaped in emerging markets, some regions of which continue to perform better than others. As the economic boom in emerging markets continues, we believe that the decline in growth in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada,…

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