Why Alassane Ouattara didn’t win

Before giving the reasons why the RDR should not win, it is first necessary to identify the stakes of this vote for the voters or activists of the major three parties. I) The interest of the 2nd round for each of the three political parties a) The PDCI Since the announcement of the results of…

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Merrill Lynch: How far will the impairments go?

Analysts believe that the new depreciations recorded by the broker during this second quarter could reach 6 billion dollars. They expect even more losses given its exposure to uncertain claims. Poor Merrill Lynch. Wasn’t it just three months ago that investors were buying shares of the third-largest US brokerage long before its first-quarter earnings announcement? Not this time. Since…

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British car sales plummet

The decline in consumption and household morale weighed on purchases of new vehicles in August by around 25%. On the other hand, the sale of small models was on the rise. The sales reports for new cars have been published and they confirm the drop in confidence and household consumption of expensive products. The “Society of Motor…

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Five myths about the election and the stock market

With the Obama-McCain contest nearing completion, we decided to bust some Wall Street myths about bulls, bears, elephants and donkeys. For the first time in 76 years, a financial crisis occurs at the same time as the American presidential election. Based on recent polls, the coincidence seems to have increased the chances that Illinois Senator Barack…

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Pemain Poker Bertipe Longgar dan Ketat Bagaimana Membedakannya

Pemain idn poker bertipe longgar memainkan persentase kartu hands yang besar. Mereka memiliki persyaratan awal yang relatif rendah, dan mereka melanjutkan pot dengan kartu hands yang relatif lemah. Pemain ketat memainkan persentase kecil kartu hands. Persyaratan awal mereka tinggi, dan mereka cepat membuang kartu hands lemah yang tidak berkembang menjadi kartu hands besar. Beberapa pemain…

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Stock markets: a decade of losses

A disastrous decade for the stock markets just ended just a month ago. Will the new decade bring good luck for investors? So many comments to express the disastrous state of the financial markets over the past ten years. Stock market investors can tell: the past decade has been the most calamitous in terms of stock market…

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